From Heated Gaming Rivalries to Avian Chinese Gamer Desserts

 - May 7, 2012
Few things are able to garner pop culture status and even fewer of those are iPhone apps, these 92 Angry Bird innovations prove that not only is the popular handheld video game still as popular as ever but is becoming a 21st century logo.

As Apple continues to dominate the technology market, Angry Birds and everything related to the avian bovine rivalry remains to be representative of contemporary obsession. The majority of individuals today can recognize the various birds as they decorate t-shirts and take on the shape of children plushies. As demonstrated by the Revealing Avian Fashion and Irate Avian Undergarments, Angry Birds is also exacting its influence on more adult-oriented apparel.

Even the culinary world gains inspiration from the popular gaming app. Delectable treats such Realistic Avian Confections and Avian Gamer Goodies entice gamers and sweet-tooth indulgers alike.