The Gastrovet 2011 Campaign is Inspired by Angry Birds

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: ibelieveinadv
It is interesting to see how social media and smartphone apps have really influenced the world, even in small ways; check out the Gastrovet 2011 ad campaign to see what I mean. Inspired by the iPhone and iPad game Angry Birds, it shows the antacid reliever beating away the food that caused the gastronomic discomfort.

Conceived and executed by Ecuador-based ad agency Maksim Fulltime, the Gastrovet 2011 ad campaign really makes this medication relevant to today's generation. Although everyone needs use an antacid product here and there, the Gastrovet 2011 ad campaign shows that this product not only works, but it is cool to take as well, as corny as that might sound. It was illustrated by Jimmy Landaburu.