Kenard W. Pak Illustrates Cartoony Birds to Compile an Accurate Catalog

As of late, the only avians people care about are Angry Birds, but Kenard W. Pak is on his way to changing that with his cute catalog of bird art. Despite depicting many species in a highly stylized manner, each one of Pak’s illustrations is an accurate portrayal, demonstrating not only exceptional visual arts skills, but Pak’s true fondness for birds. He even accompanies his images with descriptions of where each species can be found. Viewing these images is as much ornithology as it is browsing art.

Kenard W. Pak currently resides in San Francisco, California, where he works as a Visual Development Artist. His other visual endeavors feature a similar cartoony and endearing quality that’s blended with a grit. I can best describe it as "sophisticated in its simplicity."