'Angry Birds: (Un)Official Movie Trailer' Gives the Game a Dark Side

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: youtube & buzzfeed
If Guy Ritchie directed a movie based on Angry Birds, it would probably look like the 'Angry Birds: (Un)Official Movie Trailer.'

Ritchie is known for directing wise-cracking gangster flicks that consist of intertwining plots. The Angry Birds: (Un)Official Movie Trailer draws its inspiration from his 2000 flick Snatch. Much like the film itself, the premise involves two opposing sides and a neutral group caught in the middle of it all. The pigs are re-imagined as suited gangsters with swine masks and the fiery avians are now gun-toting females ('bird' is British slang for an attractive girl). Elements from Snatch's actual trailer have been incorporated into the clip, from the pause frames that introduce the characters to the high speed photography in action sequences.

Throw in a few pikeys, a hired hit-man and this re-imagination could get even more interesting.