- Jul 6, 2013
These Sci-Fi ad techniques are utilizing references from popular fantasy films as a way to connect with a much more youthful and hip generation.

Such classic Sci-Fi films such as the Star Wars saga and The Matrix trilogy has gained international recognition and some diehard fans along the way, which is why there should be no surprise as to why marketers are utilizing these concepts as a way to draw in consumers. From smoking PSAs featuring the classic C-3PO character from Star Wars to sportswear ads featuring intergalactic creatures, these Sci-Fi ad techniques are definitely targeting a market more in tune with pop culture references and mainstream movies.

A creative way to infuse geeky yet wildly popular references into an ad, these Sci-Fi techniques will surely make an impression with its distinct themes.

From Sci-Fi Hospital Commercials to Intergalactic Sportswear Promos: