Darth Vader in a Sid-Splitting Earth Hour Ad

 - May 8, 2010
References: collthings
Check out the hilarious Darth Vader Earth Hour ad featuring the one and only Mr. Dark Side. Who says the Dark Side can't do good? The picture that accompanies the video almost made me pee in my pants when I first saw it.

Promoting Earth Hour and the WWF, Vader, who is in the video says that he really isn't a bad guy and that people got the whole taking-over-the-universe image all wrong. He goes on saying that being on the dark side is a good thing since it helps reduce global warming problems. Vader encourages people to join the dark side and turn off their lights.

As a Star Wars nerd, my image of the big bad Vader is now forever broken. But hey, at least he's doing some good! Do you like the soft image Darth Vader has in the Earth Hour Ad? Digging the flower on Vader's head? Check out the Darth Vader Earth Hour ad above to decide!