From Dark Side Accessories to Sith Lord Boomboxes

 - Dec 26, 2012
These re-imagined Darth Vader masks are bound to appeal to more than just Star Wars superfans. When it comes to Darth Vader, what most people remember first about the iconic villain is his voice. The second thing that people remember about Luke Skywalker's daddy is his helmet. Vader's helmet has been re-imagined in a variety of ways, ending up as everything from a work of art to a USB flash drive.

Hardcore fans of George Lucas' epic space soap opera will love combing through all of these re-imagined Darth Vader masks. Many of these pieces completely remix Vader, turning him into a samurai, a tentacled monster and much, much more. Those who could care less about Chewbacca and friends will enjoy the sheer amount of creativity found among all of these designs. It isn't often that you see one helmet inspiring so many works of art and consumer products.