- May 15, 2013
The world can’t stop talking about the preventative Angelina Jolie breast cancer surgery. Jolie’s double mastectomy has stirred breast cancer activists everywhere while bringing into focus several bold and daring breast cancer awareness campaigns. Each of these campaigns uses innovative products and advertisements to fight the serious breast cancer epidemic.

Some products such as ‘at-home mammograms’ encourage women to test themselves for breast cancer at home to ensure their health. Other campaigns tackle the breast cancer issue in a fun and vibrant way, like ‘cancer-combatting cross-dressing,’ which features men dressing as women to encourage breast cancer awareness and ‘toilet paper gowns,’ created by fashion experts entirely from toilet paper and sold to support breast cancer research.

The Angelina Jolie breast cancer surgery is not the first celebrity-driven stance against the disease; stars like Christina Applegate, Cynthia Nixon and Kylie Minogue are all breast cancer survivors. These performers prove that star power can be put to good use, bringing awareness to cancer activists and helping to defeat breast cancer one campaign at a time.

Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer Surgery Shakes the World: