This Clever Ad Introduces a Beach Killer More Terrifying Than Jaws

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: youtube & creativecriminals
Most film parodies are usually made with a cheap laugh in mind and little else. Here's a case of film parodies being used for social good.

In this clever ad from the League Against Cancer, expectations are played upon to hilarious and educational effect. The ad portrays an unsuspecting girl slowly and ominously making her way to the water on a crowded beach. The dark orchestral score ratchets up the suspense as a focused lifeguard keeps his eye on things. The music gets more and more suspenseful (and a clever riff on the iconic Jaws theme) until the film parody reaches a hilarious anti-climax. The girl safely gets out of the water with nary a shark in sight. Instead, the ad points out the real danger of skin cancer from being unprotected in the sun.

Who knew that film parodies could be thought provoking as well as funny?