Passive Weight Loss

Fitness shoes for passive weight loss

Implications - Our society is increasing the search for ways to achieve passive success, from automated income, to weight loss without exertion. The golden ticket is a product, such as weight-loss shoes, which cause the desired results, without the output of any additional energy. Innovations like this are priceless to consumers.
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Slimming Fitness Sandals - FitFlops
SCORE: 5.9
V. Hot 30,149 Clicks Pub: May 18, 08
Slimming Fitness Sandals
Just in time for summer, here’s a sandal that helps you tone up your gams. FitFlop recreates the feeling of walking barefoot in the sand, working the calf, hamstring, thigh and gluteus muscles.... [More]
These Shoes Were Made for Weight Loss - Swiss MBT Shoes
SCORE: 6.5
V. Hot 10,508 Clicks Pub: Nov 29, 07
These Shoes Were Made for Weight Loss
Swiss MBT Shoes
Still searching for those shoes that were really meant for walking? Your answer to difficult foot-related problems is finally here. Actually, the MBT shoes, designed in Switzerland as orthopedic shoes,… [More]
Weightloss Shoes - Chung Shi Footwear
SCORE: 5.6
Warm 5,854 Clicks Pub: Jun 11, 08
Weightloss Shoes
Chung Shi Footwear
Chung Shi is the maker of an innovative new footwear promising to aid in weight loss. The fitness shoes have a built-in "Pilates System," and promise to stimulate and build new muscles, thereby boosting… [More]
Flashy Fitness Footwear - Step Counter Shoes
SCORE: 3.8
Mild 5,734 Clicks Pub: May 1, 08
Flashy Fitness Footwear
Step Counter Shoes
How much walking can a woman do in this pair of sleek-as-none-of-your-business stiletto shoes? Not a whole lot, I'll tell you that much. However, if you do manage to walk in them, they'll keep track of… [More]
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