- Aug 17, 2011
Zombie culture has been on a steady rise in the past few decades. Zombies are routinely encountered in horror, fantasy-themed fiction and entertainment. Consumers seem to have an intense fascination with these mindless, shambling, decaying corpses. Zombies have surpassed the popularity of vampires and have been hailed by alternative enthusiasts everywhere -- so much that it is almost like a religion. There are many sites, books and programs that are dedicated to the Zombie Apocalypse and routines to help make sure you survive it (should it happen).

Perhaps depicting images of regular people as the undead injects something unique and different into an image making it once more relevant to the youth and alternative markets. Whatever the reason may be, designers and artists are using the zombie culture as a basis for their fashion photography and art. The zombie culture is inescapable and all of these patterns are only evidence of this fact.

From Undead Winter Wear to Festive Zombie Pinatas: