NYC Artist Othelo Gervacio Uses the Reaper as Inspiration for Stunning Works

Up and coming artist Othelo Gervacio is making waves with his haunting art pieces. Illustrating a love for skulls and the general undead, Othelo Gervacio's dedication and liveliness to art does not falter despite the subject matter.

The artist recently launched his first solo exhibit at New York City's Fuse Gallery with his 'Postboredom' show. If you prefer grittier art that can sometimes sit on the edge of unnerving, Othelo Gervacio is definitely the artist for you.

Take a look through Othelo Gervacio's tumblr blog for some more amazing works from the artist.

Implications - No longer looking for subtle styles, modern-day consumers are attracted to darker designs. Products that contain a more gritty aesthetic are appealing to shoppers who desire more meaning in their purchases. In order to attract customers from the contemporary market, a company could focus on this element.