The Chocolate 'Zombie Portraits' Skateboards are Stylishly Scary

With AMC's The Walking Dead season a whole 2 months away, all you zombie fanatics can get your temporary fix of the undead with the Chocolate 'Zombie Portraits' Skateboards.

The Chocolate 'Zombie Portraits' Skateboards feature several pro skaters such as Kenny Anderson and Vincent Alvarez as flesh-eating monsters. All the decks show off skating icons with missing eyes, blood and just about any other sort of gory detail that you can think of that makes up a zombie. The artwork itself is impressive as it shows off a comic book style that's both gritty and eye-catching at the same time. The addition of every skater's name written in splattered blood brings a nice gory touch to the zombie theme of this series. This will make a great collector's item for zombie fanatics who like to have a taste of the extreme.