The Rotting Hill Film is Gutsy and Romantic

 - Jun 25, 2011
References: vimeo & randommization
The phrase "till death do us part" definitely does not apply to this epic love story.

Rotting Hill was produced by the Media Design School and although it's short, it's oh so sweet. This film features two zombies who quickly fall in love with each other after sharing an intestinal snack. Their love blossoms as they spend time with each other, teaching one another how to shovel humans in the face and chew fingernails. Although they occasionally lose limbs and eyeballs, these two crazy creatures possess a passion that defies the grave. Audiences will tear up as they witness a love that will never die -- literally.

The cleverly named Rotting Hill zombie love film is hilariously haunting. Zombie fans everywhere will love Rotting Hill; it will have them laughing to death -- or undeath.

Implications - The marketplace is currently saturated with products and entertainment forms that reflect mythical and magical qualities. Consumers appreciate them for their unique and surreal elements, as it allows them to fantasize and emphasize reality. Companies can appeal to these consumers by encouraging them to use their imaginations with mythical products.