LLCoolJo Art is Filled With Creepy Crawlies

 - Apr 3, 2011
References: flickr & brwnpaperbag
Not to be confused with the singer LL Cool J, LLCoolJo is an artist from France who creates some very interesting and creepy art pieces. LLCoolJo art frequently features worms coming out from people's dark black eyeballs and crawling up their necks. This creepy vision is enough to make people squirm in their seats!

This LLCoolJo art has a cartoonlike feel that features bright colors and dark drawings. The contrast between dark and light is kind of like that between evil and good. Many of the prints feature blood, brains and distorted zombie-looking figures. Some viewers may find the drawings completely morbid and disgusting, but that is what makes the LLCoolJo art pieces so interesting and unique.