Grave Date Helps You Find the Undead Stud You've Been Searching for

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: gravedate & buzzfeed
Grave Date could be one of the coolest or creepiest dating websites to ever grace the Internet. Little is known about this website, except that it is still currently closed off to the public and that it caters to the "living-impaired."

The teaser trailer for Grave Date features a zombie man chasing after a geeky-looking fellow. Over the course of the chase, the zombie guy finds a zombie woman and it's love at first sight. If I had to judge by the trailer, I would say that Grave Date is a dating site for zombie enthusiasts. While the trailer is comical, I am worried about this site, which I am betting is as real as any designed for the "living" such as eHarmony. No word on when the site will go live or even what it will look like, but you can rest assured that I'll be all over Grave Date once it goes live. Expect an update (hopefully) soon.