Plants vs Zombies Resurrects Michael Jackson From the Dead

 - Jul 31, 2009
References: popcap
While intense, multi-layered games like World of Warcraft have their appeal, sometimes nothing is more fun or addicting than a straight forward, easy to play game.

Introducing Plants vs Zombies: a game thats premise is wrapped up in the title. Zombies are attacking your home and to defend yourself you must line your lawn with plants.

These aren’t just your everyday plants. Pea shooters literally shoot, cherry bombs explode, potatoes explode and more. The object of the game is to set your plants up properly within your grid lawn so that no zombies can make their way past into your home.

The zombies bring their own sense of fun to the game too. There are your run-of-the-mill zombies, zombies with cones or buckets on their heads, former football player zombies, undead bobsled teams and zambonies or an oddly morbid Michael Jackson zombie (created before the pop stars passing) that resurrects back-up dancers and does the Thriller dance down your lawn.

Levels get harder as you progress. You will fight the zombies at night, in the rain and fog, underwater (the have zombie dolphins, too!) and on your roof. However the games addicting quality means you will be spending hours increasing your artillery to ensure success.

With an adventure mode, mini games, puzzles and more, Plants vs Zombies will easily become your latest obsession. Be prepared to not see your family for weeks on end.