From Comedic FIlm Quote Tees to Vintage Theatre Popcorn Machines

 - Dec 9, 2013
Gift Ideas for the film buff are all over the map: there's something for the sci-fi lover, the action movie aficionado, horror movie fans and comic book enthusiasts.

If you're shopping for an equal-opportunity movie lover (regardless of genre) there are great gifts to enhance their overall film-viewing experience. For instance, the Vintage Theatre Popcorn Machines will turn anyone's living room into a retro theater. Or, you could gift them with an accessory that will make their movie-watching habits apparent to all, like a comedic film quote tee or iconic film quote headwear. You could also go the decorative route, with Disney bed sheets or film-inspired pillows that will pay homage to their favorite animated classics.

These fabulous film-inspired gifts are sure to get you invited over for a movie night or two.