Plug the Bottle with the Ghoulish Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: neatoshop & neatorama
It'll be another couple months before season 2 of The Walking Dead comes out, so to help you with your craving for the undead, check out the Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper.

Normally a decapitated arm, leg or anything wouldn't be an ideal piece for the home. But with the Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper, I'm sure some of you might make an exception. This quirky little accessory features the appendage of an arm with a finger pointing at you. I'm guessing the zombie probably had its arms out screaming "BRAINS" before an individual hacked it off for personal safety. It's a pretty cool item to have especially if you're just as much of a zombie fanatic as I am. Besides, what can be possibly classier than a decapitated arm to cork your wine with?