Prepare Yourself Against Flesh Eaters With the Undead Kit

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: undeadkit & incrediblethings
When the zombie apocalypse comes, you can immediately start protecting yourself with the Undead Kit.

The number of flesh eaters scaring the crap out of people can involve mad rushes at the market and looting stranger's homes for supplies. With the Undead Kit you can avoid that situation -- or it can be an addition to the number of weapons and canned goods you've nicked from someone. The pack includes useful items such as a knife, flashlights, band aids and Spam (trust me, you'll learn to like it once food runs out). These essentials won't help in the long run, but it will be a good starter.

OK, so I can understand the skepticism of a zombie apocalypse from ever happening. But let's say it does, you'll be sorry for not picking this up.