The Biohazard Computer Case is Perfect for Resident Evil Fans

Modder Ron L. Christainson is the man behind the Biohazard computer case, a case mod that should make any self-respecting gamer squeal in utter delight. Biohazard, a.k.a. Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game franchises ever spawning numerous sequels and a hit movie series.

Christainson is celebrating all of this awesomeness with the Biohazard computer case. The mod itself is a recreation of the Umbrella Corporation, the shadowy antagonists of the Resident Evil series.

Lately the pages of Trend Hunter have been filled with all sorts of unique and nerdy computer creations like the Biohazard computer case. Consumers are getting tired of the stock cases that ship with systems, and are taking matters into their own hands. Small case-modding businesses have recently sprung up that specialize in adding personality to PS3s, Xbox 360s, and computers. I wouldn't be surprised to see the case-modding industry grow into a highly specialized and competitive industry.