These Scrumptious Summer Treats Make for a Sweet Holiday

 - Jul 3, 2011
Many of us are counting down the days until a holiday weekend, and when yours comes, make sure you're ready with these summer treats. These long weekend-proof confections are going to help sweeten your endless hours of fun.

Between cupcakes, cakes, jello shooters and margarita recipes, summer just isn't as fun without some great summer treats. If you want to make this long weekend super-memorable, why not introduce some funky recipes like alcohol desserts or melon jello shooters? Don't be caught reusing Grandma's tired recipes and Uncle Joe's bland cocktail recipes, especially when there are so many funky new summer treats worth trying!

Implications - Summer-ready recipes continue to add excitement to the summer months, and consumers are thankful for this. Businesses that want to capitalize on consumer's positive moods during summertime should introduce special seasonal products.