Cupcake Fondue Outsweets Strawberries and Chocolate

You may never forget your last encounter with a chocolate fondue fountain and an array of fruits and eclairs, but this Cupcake Fondue concept is sure to increase your sugar intake in the best possible way.

Nutritionally, this is a terrible treat, but on those rare occasions when available time makes preparation for this decadence possible, there are fewer reasons why such an instance of indulgence should not take place.

The idea comes from Bake it Pretty, and it's simple enough to repeat at home. A couple dozen mini muffins, melted white and milk chocolate and an array of colorful toppings and sprinkles make Cupcake Fondue the perfect pleasure for special occasions. Great for children's birthday parties and family reunions, this scrumptious snack on a stick will nurse your sweet tooth like nothing else.