- Sep 22, 2014
Nothing says summer is here quite like a steamy poolside editorial starring a bronzed model decked out in a skimpy bikini. These magazine photoshoots capture the epitome of lounging by the pool thanks to seductive bikinis, buff bodies and sunny settings.

As the weather warms up people want to spend their summer days hanging out by the pool enjoying a cocktail and taking advantage of the sun's rays. These photoshoots idealize the poolside lifestyle with hot models sprawling their long legs along the side of a pool or ringing their hair out after taking a dip. Aquamarine pools, luxurious backyards, high-fashion bikinis and even good looking pool boys are often staples of these editorials.The shoots often focus on giving viewers a glorified sense of summer.

From Frat Boy Party Pictorials to Playful Poolside Lookbooks: