The Flare May 2014 Issue Visits the Deep End of a Pool

 - May 1, 2014
References: flare & fashioncopious.typepad
The Flare May 2014 issue features model Kristen Murphy in a vacant in-ground pool. Aptly titled, 'Off the Deep End,' the editorial features her in spring and summer-appropriate attire.

Ironically, her hair, styled by Susana Hon, is soaked even though the pool is not near ready for the season yet. It is a completely empty concrete pool, which is a tell-sign of its age; modern pools are usually tiled or lined. The lights in it are turned on for the shoot, but they are also visibly ancient thanks to their rusted rims.

Kristen Murphy's clothing on the other hand, is up-to-date and will get you through warm summer showers. All of the clothing chosen by stylist Rita Liefhebber is completely waterproof. Some pieces include a dry-fit workout top, Hunter rain boots and an aqua-netting bathing suit cover-up.