From Alternative Autumn Lattes to Loose Leaf Medicinal Teas

 - Jul 18, 2015
Even though standards for organic farming differ worldwide, these organic drinks contain ingredients that were farmed in way that promote ecological balance and promote biodiversity conservation and the cycling of resources. Many also perceive such food products and beverages to have health benefits or more nutrients than commercially produced food.

These organic drinks either contain at least one organic ingredient, but could also be considered wholly organic as well. This includes both recipes and store-bought options. Either way, they often contain other health-benefiting components, such as tea. This can be seen with DavidsTea loose leaf blends, Ayurvedic nursing tea blends and homemade exotic iced tea.

Incorporating superfoods such as quinoa is another way to go. These products are also usually formulated to suit the needs of those with dietary limitations and are free of gluten or dairy.