ARTY's Healthy Water is Made from Artichokes

 - Apr 8, 2015
References: artywater & time
For many companies, selling coconut water has become a million dollar business, but consumers are now looking for the next big thing in healthy water. As crazy as maple and birch bark water sound, there's an even more unusual product on the market—ARTY's artichoke water.

The plant-based beverage is made from the stem, leaf, heart and flower of California artichokes. To make the drink easy to get down, it's been combined with organic lemon, apple, spearmint and sweetened with organic blue agave and monk fruit. Aside from these natural additions, the drink contains no artificial flavoring, coloring or caffeine.

As far as some of the reasons you might want to consume artichoke water, there are numerous reasons from detoxification and weight management to lowering cholesterol levels and improving the look and texture of skin. Just as the flavor and benefits of coconut water appeals to a niche audience, ARTY does too.