SEVA Maple Water is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Naturally Sweetened

 - May 22, 2015
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With the recent rise of health beverages like kombucha tea and coconut water, it's no surprise that another contender -- SEVA Maple Water -- is gaining praise among nutrition buffs. The beverage is made and locally sourced in Canada and is 100% organic. Featuring no artificial sweeteners, this organic health drink is not only sugar-free but is absolutely vegan and gluten-free to boot.

Available in 330ml and 1L Tetra Pak containers, SEVA Maple Water products are refreshing and naturally sweetened with maple sap. As fruit and root-based syrups become popular among those looking to replace sugars in their diet, products like this maple water beverage are also a nice alternative to sugary juices or unhealthy sodas.

In addition to enjoying the product on its own, maple water fans are encouraged to mix it with morning smoothies and even libations that are given a healthy overhaul.