Raw Fairies Offers Londoners One of the Purest Juice Cleanses

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: konradsybilski & packageinspiration
It's hard to avoid cold press juices these days, yet some people might be fooled into thinking Raw Fairies is much more than that thanks to its recent redesign. As one of the purest cleanses offered in London, England, it has been given a medicinal look that many will associate with health and wellness. This is only appropriate considering that's why people do such cleanses.

Designed by Konrad Sybilski, who is based in Poland, Raw Fairies may seem like an odd name to be associated with the health system. It's whimsical nature nevertheless balances the sterile look of the bottles in order to appeal to a wider demographic. Created using organic, non-gm, pure ingredients, the minimalist aesthetic of the brand identity allows people to focus on what really matters about the product.