This Bottled Rainwater Drink is One of the Purest Waters on the Market

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: aganawater & trndmonitor
A US company is now producing a natural rainwater beverage, which is designed to offer a cleaner and more environmentally responsible bottled water choice. The 'Agana Rainwater' drinks are free from additives, pollutants and minerals, making the product the purest water available on the market.

As Agana Rainwater explains, when water touches the ground it absorbs herbicides, pesticides, animal waste and other harmful chemicals. This means that bottled water collected from streams may contain any chemicals and organic pollution it has come in contact with on the ground. In order to avoid consuming these pollutants, the company collects its rainwater from a sanitary collection surface. The result is a natural rainwater beverage that is free from industrial pollutants and other organic matter.

Bottled rainwater is not only a safer choice for consumers, but the company also states that the process is more sustainable because fossil fuels are not used prior to the bottling process.