The New Line of 'Yoot' Medicinal Teas Help to Promote Healing and Vitality

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: indiegogo & trndmonitor
The new line of 'Yoot' herbal root teas are brewed from ancient recipes and help to provide a natural form of rejuvenation. The barely sweetened teas are meant to offer a healthy and nourishing alternative to heavily caffeinated and sugar-filled beverages.

The Yoot herbal root teas are made from traditional family recipes, which have been passed down through multiple generations. To maintain the medicinal properties of the original recipes, the teas are brewed using only organic and GMO-free ingredients. The drinks are then lightly sweetened with organic sugar and organic molasses. Each of the three available varieties has a different healing property that is indented to promote the health and vitality of the drinker. For example, one of the teas contains prickly ash, which has been used by Native Americans for centuries to support blood flow and rejuvenate the body.