Bulletproof Coffee Incorporates Grass-Fed Butter Into Your Morning Cup

 - Mar 10, 2015
References: blog.freepeople
The way you take your coffee says a lot about you, especially if you drink bulletproof coffee. Whether you prefer a latte or Americano, with cream or sugar, the popular caffeinated beverage can be enjoyed in a number of ways. One way involves putting two tablespoons of grass-fed butter in it.

Dubbed bulletproof coffee, this alternative coffee drink is used in Tibet and is known to help give sustainable energy throughout the day. This means no coffee-induced anxiety, jitters or crashes later on. You can buy coffee this way, or you can do it at home with organic coffee, raw cacao powder, grass-fed butter (or ghee) and coconut oil. This particular recipe comes from Aubrey at the Free People blog.