Caliwater's 100% Cactus Water Provides Refreshment with a Desert Fruit

Caliwater's Cactus Water is a plant-based water made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus. The beverage is 100% natural and is loaded with benefits for the body in the form of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As well as assisting with hydration, cactus water's rare properties are known to work wonders on the skin.

Free of fat, preservatives, GMOs as well as artificial colors and flavorings, this drink shows some of the nourishing goodness that nature can provide. As far as taste, a few of the flavorful ingredients that can be found in this blended drink are filtered water, prickly pear puree, organic lemon juice sweetened with organic cane sugar.

As the sales of super hydrating coconut water continue to skyrocket as a sports drink, a number of other alternative water products like artichoke, maple, birch bark and cactus are also emerging.