From Collage-Inspired Jewelry Campaigns to Spitted Snack Art

 - Oct 10, 2011
"The medium is the message" is one of the most well-known expressions that communication scholar Marshall McLuhan coined (the "global village" is a close second), and this top list of mixed media messages is inspired by the King of Mass Media. Art communicates, but what it communicates isn't exclusively based on the content, but also on the how, when, why and where.

From collage-inspired jewelry campaigns to spitted snack art, the art in this cluster will go beyond inspiration and cause a sense of visual franticness that will you have you grabbing whatever's closest to you to lay it all down in your own personal masterpiece. Inhabiting a sort of "anything goes" mentality, this top list of mixed media messages contains art that goes beyond one medium and fixates itself on layering, but also integrity. Don't be fooled: this isn't your toddler's collage.