Splahes and Stains by Peeta is an Ultra-Modern Approach to Street Art

Taking graffiti art to the next level, Italian artist Peeta creates Splashes and Stains. Striving to be more than just regular graffiti you see on walls on the street, Splashes and Stains has a 3-D effect that pops out at you.

Peeta uses mixed media to create the ultra-modern works part of his Splashes and Stains collection. Using multiple colors in each piece of work, his art literally looks like something is dripping off it. The effect revolutionizes the idea of splashes and stains, making it more graceful rather than just an everyday nuisance.

Splashes and Stains by Peeta is a modern approach to the graffiti we normally just walk past with a glance on the street. Take a look at the gallery above and be ready to take a different perspective on graffiti.