This Intoxicated Demons Radical Art Will Put You in a Trance

 - May 20, 2011
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The Intoxicated Demons Danny Figueroa series is filled with enlightened characters of a sci-fi world. Its art style is quite hypnotic and makes you feel the power of this strange and wonderful world depicted in this series. The Germany-based artist's bizarre sci-fi world captures a sort of magical black, red and white swirling energy coming out of the characters' hands and heads, making the viewer want to understand the awesome activity in each of the artworks.

From featuring a character meditating on the top of a hill to another doing some kind of ritualized prayer, Intoxicated Demons communicates an awkwardly surreal message that is open for interpretation .Each of the mixed media artworks can be found on canvas or on paper in various sizes and can be bought from the Intoxicated Demons website.