The Prince Lauder Mixed Media Collages are Striking and Thought-Provoking

 - May 13, 2011
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"Beauty," "I Heart," "War Isn't CHIC" -- these are just some of the sayings plastered onto the Prince Lauder mixed media collages, which string together images from multiple mediums and art forms that are generally inspired by fashion to create striking works of artistic brilliance.

The Mexican illustrator, a.k.a. Carlos Guerrero, is strongly inspired by avant-garde fashion and uses this to twist the traditional picture of what is beautiful and create his thought-provoking works of art. This work in particular, which uses models from every walk including Vogue, applies color, a variety of textures and strange designs to showcase beauty at its most unconventional.

Mixed media art has become very popular in the visual art world, particularly when it sends such a strong message in such a striking and powerful way.