Mixed Media Fine Artist Diane Fergurson Explores the Flow of Energy

 - May 13, 2010
References: artfire & artfire
Diane Fergurson, a mixed media fine artist, has created a fabulous series of fine art paintings depicting and exploring the concept of the center, the mandala, being connected to the flow of universal energy.

'Mandala' is Sanskrit for circle. It represents a snapshot of time in the universe from beginning to end. A Mandala suggests unity, completion, wholeness and being centered within one’s self.

Diane Fergurson's work has recently been added to the collections at the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville, NJ, and Touchtones Of The Sacred in its sacred art categories.

In addition to the Mandala Series artwork, in her spare time Fergurson enjoys creating jewelry and sculpting accessories in a style unique to her that she calls 'Modern Nostalgia.'