- Mar 20, 2012
Many believe that the divine is everywhere, and now thanks to some of the world’s top designers, divinely inspired innovations have indeed been turning up everywhere. A coincidence? Perhaps.

The rapid growth of technology and social media have not impeded the development of religion, although there are several who would like to argue the exact opposite. The digital community has actually embraced religious rhetoric, a phenomenon that has been evidenced by religious video games, church-oriented YouTube channels and creation stories gone viral. While this has made divinely focused projects more readily available to online users, the surge in these types of religious projects has also occurred within a variety of disparate spheres.

Architectural designs, fashion collections and even new food ventures have all mixed in some form of the divine. Without an emphasis upon any specific religion, it would appear that all are invited to explore these booming divine innovations.

Holy Video Games, Viral Churches, Religious Cartoons and More: