The Laurentius Library Has the Shape and Hue of an Angel's Halo

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: tuvie
The Laurentius library is easily one of the most original library designs around. Created by Anton Markus Pasing, the Laurentius library is a circular library designed to sit atop the roof of your house and hold 10,000 books.

The Laurentius library is designed to look like a giant halo sitting atop a house. This unique design comes from the back story Pasing created for his design. The condensed version of the story is that a lonely clergyman decided to build a library for his home, but didn't know how to go about it. One night, the clergyman was visited by an angel in a dream. This dream inspired the man to build his library in the form of a ring around his house!

Despite what you may think about the story, you have to admit that the Laurentius library is pretty darn awesome. The halo-like structure has four walkways jutting out from the roof and a yellowish hue created by the library's protective sun glazing. Say what you will about angels and religion, but the Laurentius Library looks like as good a place as any to keep 10,000 books.