- Oct 29, 2013
Book repositories are fantastic places for both children and adults to come and expand their minds and imagination, and these contemporary libraries are making the experience of reading a new book much more alluring.

While libraries are wonderful places where you can stay to read a novel or simply borrow one to take back home, they are often regarded as mundane and visually unattractive structures. These contemporary libraries however, are revolutionizing the way people ordinarily see these buildings by transforming them into unique shapes and modern designs. Featuring all sorts of inventive qualities such as vibrant geometric shapes, futuristic designs and interactive elements, these contemporary libraries are encouraging a whole new generation of people to be more interested in literature and reading.

From pop-up seaside libraries to digital subway concepts, these contemporary structures are showcasing that reading books should certainly not be considered an outdated activity.

From Glass Box Libraries to Eco-Friendly Book Dwellings: