TANK Architects Constructs 21st Century Literary Havens

 - Sep 21, 2009
References: tank.fr & archdaily
Olivier Camus, Lydéric Veauvy and Mathieu Berteloot of TANK Architects re-imagined the public library in Proville, France. The Mediatheque of Proville is a place to exchange ideas and culture. The building is open to the public and is an inviting and enthusiastic place for everyone to take pleasure in reading. TANK Architects wanted to create a modern space that would also mesh with the existing elements. Large glass surfaces allow plenty of natural light to flood the mediatheque and set a clean and appealing atmosphere.

The TANK Architects’ Mediatheque of Proville is a 531 sqm glass partitioned building with a 90 sqm terrace. The site boasts numerous seating areas and reading nooks as well as respiring partitions with systematic outside thermic insulation.