The 'SUTD Library Pavilion' is Recyclable and Modern

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: archdaily &
The SUTD Library Pavilion by City Form Lab located in Singapore is a fantastic example of eco-architecture. Created from plywood and sheet-metal tiles, these architects created a pop-up structure that can be dismantled and re-built or recycled.

"Using computational design and computer controlled fabrication allowed the pavilion’s complex three-dimensional form to be achieved with readily available materials and a streamlined assembly process at minimal cost," describes Arch Daily. This unique structure is perfectly accommodating for student or business gatherings, library study space and more.

As it does not have beams or solid walls, it creates the ideal temporary structure - solid while it's up, but easily dismantle-able. Further, space solutions like this are fantastic at accommodating existing trees, as this space did, and proving that eco-architecture can be creative and interesting.