The Productora A47 Mobile Library Comes to You

 - Jul 26, 2012
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The Productora A47 mobile library is based in a truck that tours Mexico City, giving citizens greater accessibility to culture, arts and knowledge that can only be found on the page.

The not-for-profit foundation alumnos47 looks to bring contemporary art, education, debate and visual culture to the community. The moving truck is only one of various programs and services that reach the people in the city. The open concept and spacious atrium encourages crowds to peruse the collection of reads. The tiered floor is apt for a quick sit-down book break, or for small presentations that may be given in the space.

There has always been an infatuation with anything that can be packed up and delivered right to you. Ice cream trucks, mobile pizzerias and cafes are examples of other successful moving concepts. With libraries becoming more and more obsolete, the change in delivery method could just be what is needed to invigorate interest.