Church of Seed Offers a Place for Worship & Gathering

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: ostudioarchitects & dezeen
Set on the side of one of the famous sacred Taoist mountains in China, Church of Seed is a large concrete structure designed by Hong Kong-based O Studio Architects that provides villagers with a place for both worship and gathering.

Church of Seed is a curving building made of concrete that has been cast into a bamboo framework. The structure comprises three walls that curl around the interior, similar to the casing that surrounds the seed of a plant, describes Dezeen. Inside, there is a central hall decorated with bamboo furniture that can seat up to 60 people, and on one side is a large window, shaped like a cross, that lets in sunlight for natural lighting.

According to the designers, Church of Seed doesn't aggressively promote the Christian religion, but rather its message is conveyed "subtly through the play of light and shadow in this architecture."