From Minimalist Style Shoots to Minimalist 80s Fashion

 - Nov 5, 2012
Less is definitely more when it comes to chic minimalist fashions. Full of sleek lines, shapely designs and muted color palettes, minimal style is all about toning down your wardrobe and making statements through structure.

Men and women alike can appreciate the easy appeal of uncomplicated clothing without any fussy detailing. From super simple pieces like basic white t-shirts to more intriguing pieces like asymmetrical straight-edged blazers, minimal aesthetics have a sophisticated beauty that no loud embellishments could obtain. Even accessories can take part in the minimalist style with items such as simple sustainable satchels and simple invisible timepieces; the key here being the inherent simplicity of the pieces.

Changing up your wardrobe by adding more minimalist fashions, will have you standing out from the crowd.