Celine Paper Bag Purse for Spring 2013 Emulates Other Designers

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: style & manrepeller
The Celine Paper Bag purse for Spring 2013 very much resembles the work of Jil Sanders' rendition of the Paper Bag for Fall 2012 as well as the staple product of Anve's leather goods. This oversized and overpriced leather clutch rolls at the top so one can grab onto the chunky rolled material, resembling the idea of a lunch time paper bagged lunch. As the models sported the goods down the isle, swaying the purses side to side, the pastel-colored clutches caught the eye of fashion editors everywhere.

Whether it's an updated version of the $300 Jil Sander purse, or it was produced as a separate contingent, this bag resembles the idea of minimalist couture in one shot. The Celine Paper Bag is artistic and fluid in a structural manor.