The Vogue Italia 'Blow Up' Editorial Toys with Plastic Presentation

Bulbous and fantastically strange, the Vogue Italia 'Blow Up' Editorial shows a playful side to ravenous fashion.

For this October 2012 issue, the extraordinary Steven Meisel captures drama and poise in this fall fashion story. Model Meghan Collison plays with blow-up plastic accessories to strike an ideal balance between playful and mysteriously chic. She sports a variety of duds in a minimalist monochromatic palette that adds depth to each image.

Fashion editor Karl Templer pairs avant-garde silhouettes, such as bulbous skirts, with decorate embellishments and decadent fur. This combination puts fantastically haute twist on this accessory-rich editorial. Completing the aesthetic is the work of makeup artist Pat McGrath and hair stylist Guido who have created looks that add to the tantalizing spirit of the Vogue Italia 'Blow Up' Editorial.