The Tux Contrast Blazer is Bold and Dapper

For fashion-loving ladies who thrive off classic styles, the Tux Contrast Blazer should be the next addition to your style-saturated wardrobes. This chic, streamline-cut blazer will instantly launch outfits into the realm of absolute luxury, while still maintaining a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Featuring a crisp white body that contrasts sharply with the extreme black detailing along the blazer’s lapel and pockets, the Tux Contrast Blazer has completely reworked the traditional ink-blank blazer. The minimalist and simple details featured on the jacket offers a refreshing revamp on an age-old classic and a closet must-have.

Nothing adds sophistication to an outfit like a well-tailored blazer, and this tuxedo-inspired item is no exception. Sporting this tuxedo ensemble, you’ll feel as sophisticated and suave as 007 Secret Agent Mr. James Bond. Upgrade a casual, everyday outfit into a timelessly classic fashion statement with the Tux Contrast Blazer.