- Apr 17, 2014
Last month Heineken invited a bunch of unsuspecting New Yorkers to an interactive theater production and put them on the spot to be the Guest of Honor. Check this video out to see how it went down, then check out these tips on how to be a Guest of Honor.

So the night is coming to a close and it's time to say farewell to some of the friendly faces you met this evening. But it's just as important to make a memorable exit as it is to make a good entrance. A powerful and enduring exit can make or break your lasting impression with those cuties, the CEO from that big company, and the guy who promised to fix your computer for free. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Be the Party Savior
Imagine this scenario: The party's starting to wind down, and revelers are beginning to trickle out the door. How can you rescue this unfortunate circumstance? Order pizza—secretly. Everyone will flip out that there is suddenly a fresh, piping hot pizza there for your party and begin wondering who their secret party savior is. That's when you flash the host a wink, and with any luck, your fellow party animals will be cheering your name for days.

Keep the Party Going
The night doesn't have to end when you leave-- instead, take the party with you. When you see things are starting to wind down, it may be time to call a car service so you can transfer the shindig to a club, karaoke bar, or even your pad. In fact, might not be a bad idea to clean your place up before a party you think might extend into the wee hours. If the weather's nice, a rooftop-at-sunrise situation is always going to be memorable. Don't forget to save a few all-night food delivery contacts in your phone.

And You're Out
Don't be the last one to head out as the sun rises, and don't be afraid to check out before the party reaches those final awkward moments. Thank the host for a lovely time and say goodbye to new friends. Scan the remaining crowd to see if anyone needs a cab, then venture out into the night. If you've followed all of our past tips on making a memorable entrance and proper etiquette, you will be a class-act Guest of Honor.

Memorable Exits Worthy of a Guest of Honor (SPONSORED):